Client Service

Keeping abreast of developments in the law: Our lawyers keep up-to-date with the changes in the law which impact on our clients, whether you are an investor, a small business, a primary producer, a rural enterprise or a private individual. We regularly attend seminars and conferences, regularly speak to thought leaders in our areas of specialisation and subscribe to legal publications. We then apply this to the practicalities of your matter, to make sure you get the best outcomes and high quality legal advice.

Confidentiality: We appreciate the sensitivity and highly confidential nature of your legal matters. Not only are we bound by a legal code of conduct, but we can arrange for the typing relating to particularly sensitive matters to be done by our Brisbane staff. Your business stays your business. As an extra measure, our computer systems ensure that each client file has a privacy password that limits access to all private information. Your trust and our confidentiality is the foundation of our work for you.

Words matter: Our business is about using the right word and words that set the tone you require. Words can make or break a deal or correspondence with another party. One word can change the context and intention of a letter, agreement, contract or Will. Because it is human nature to have selective recall, verbal agreements are dangerous. We encourage clients to avoid uncertainty by having all agreements documented. Otherwise, you are leaving your financial security to chance.

Alternatives to Court: We try to avoid Court proceedings unless there is no other way. There is a variety of alternative dispute resolution procedures that should be considered in contentious matters. We listen to what you want to achieve and then explain the alternatives and the pros and cons of each. If we do recommend Court action, we will vigorously pursue your instructions to us, and ensure you understand all that will entail.

Cost effective and tailored solutions: We will be proactive in the advice we offer, fully outlining all the issues, consequences, and opportunities you need to consider to obtain cost-effective solutions. Each person’s circumstances are unique so we design solutions tailored to fit your situation and the outcome you are seeking.

Client relationships: We try to develop long-term relationships with our clients based on personal interaction to ensure open communication and a thorough understanding of your needs. Work is performed promptly and we keep you informed regularly..

Networks with other professionals: We add to our individual expertise by recognising when it is prudent to obtain advice from other legal specialists. As established members of the legal profession we have a network of specialist lawyers we recommend for legal work outside our areas of specialisation. This means that regardless of what services you require we have access to and a good working relationship with some of the best legal minds in this country. We act on your behalf in engaging them, saving you time and ensuring we provide them with any knowledge we have avoid duplication.

Fees and Costs: We know that you will expect clear and early communication of our costs. Fees are always discussed up-front so there are no unexpected surprises. We have the latest technology and have streamlined many of our systems so that we can pass the benefits on to you to save costs. We have set fixed fees for many services such as conveyancing and standard Wills. Other fees are based on the amount of time spent, the complexity of the case, and the skills required.

Our Client Committment Statement

1. We will explain everything fully in plain language so that you fully understand the legal decisions you are making without being baffled by “legal speak”.

2. We will be approachable, constructive, cooperative and understanding.

3. We will focus energetically on your interests and will treat your interests with the same degree of respect that we treat our own.

4. We will undertake to advise you in advance of any developments that affect your situation to offer you a service that is “a step ahead”.

5. We will focus on ongoing professional development to ensure we are up-to-date with all aspects of our profession so that the advice we give you is the very best.

6. We will continue to form strong relationships with our network of specialists so that we are confident in organising and recommending additional professional services you require.

7. We will fit in with your time frames and give you the required level of speed and flexibility in meeting your needs. We will return your calls as fast as possible and will notify you of any delays with an explanation of the reasons.

8. We will keep your private affairs completely confidential.

9. We welcome your candid feedback and ideas to continually improve our services to you.

10. We will always be honest and up-front with you and honour our commitments to you absolutely.

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