Commercial Litigation

Why engage Sheehan & Co to provide advice on Commercial Litigation?

Dispute resolution is a necessary evil of business. The way in which you approach the resolution of a commercial dispute can have far-reaching impacts on your business and personal life, particularly if you are operating a small family business.

Sheehan & Co provides advice and support to your business whilst offering practical solutions through the negotiation, mediation and resolution of disputes. We take a thoughtful and proactive approach during the dispute resolution process and offer to you experience and knowledge in progressing your claim (or defence of a claim) through litigation, if alternative dispute resolution cannot resolve your dispute.

Our services in this area are tailored to achieve better outcomes for you by:

  • Providing proactive advice on negotiating resolutions to contractual disputes before matters escalate;
  • Providing detailed advice on your rights and obligations relating to a commercial dispute so that you can enter the dispute resolution process with knowledge and understanding to achieve the best practical resolution;
  • Appearing for you at a mediation or settlement conference in order to present your position in the best possible light and ensure that the options to resolve your dispute are fully explored in a rational manner;
  • If a dispute cannot be resolved by the alternative dispute resolution process, providing you with effective and up-to-date advice on the Court process, the anticipated costs involved and your prospects of successfully prosecuting or defending a claim;
  • Preparing all necessary Court documents initiating proceedings/action and collating evidence needed to evidence your claim or defence so as to give you the best chance of obtaining a successful outcome when your matter is heard by the Court.   

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