Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Why engage Sheehan & Co. to assist you in attending Family Dispute Resolution to resolve your family law dispute?

Family Dispute Resolution ("FDR") is an umbrella term for various dispute resolution processes used to primarily resolve parenting and property disputes.

It is now compulsory for people who have commenced Family Court proceedings to firstly attend Family Dispute Resolution ("FDR"). People attending FDR must make a "genuine effort" to resolve their disputes. There are some exceptions to compulsory participation in FDR, namely in the case of family violence, child abuse or in urgent matters.

We will help you through the FDR process which involves:

  • identifying issues which need to be resolved at the FDR;
  • sharing of relevant information prior to the FDR;
  • the parties respectfully listening and considering each others' point of view at the FDR;
  • exploring ideas and options at the FDR;
  • road testing possible solutions with you;
  • reducing any decisions and agreements made at the FDR clearly in writing.

Why participate in FDR?

Reach an agreement without going to Court!

There are many benefits for you to participate in FDR, including:

  • creates a framework to more easily resolve future disputes;
  • avoid the stress and trauma of going to Court;
  • encourages co-operation and better communication between you and the other party which may ultimately make for better parenting arrangements or the prospect of achieving a reasonable property settlement;
  • allows you to have a greater level of control in the decision-making process as opposed to the Court imposing orders upon you which may not be satisfactory to you;
  • usually any agreements reached are ultimately recorded in consent orders approved by the Court so that there are real consequences if the other party breaches the agreement; and
  • more timely and cost-effective than the Court process.

Our services in this area are tailored to achieve better outcomes for you

Sheehan & Co has successfully acted for numerous clients in resolving their family law disputes, including achieving resolutions through FDR.

We are in experienced in preparing you and arranging for you to attend FDR. We will support you through the process which can otherwise be quite time-consuming and problematic for you. Our family law team is headed by Michele Sheehan, Queensland Law Society Family Law Accredited Specialist. Michele was accredited by the Queensland Law Society in this area in 1996. 


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