Pre-separation Advice

Why engage Sheehan & Co. to provide you with pre-separation advice?

If you are considering separating from your spouse or partner, we may have concerns about the legal implications of separation to you and your children, including the impact upon your financial circumstances (both in terms of future maintenance and/or your right to claim a portion of the property pool).  

We will provide you with practical advice in relation to your concerns and, of course, any advice given to you is on a strictly confidential basis as we fully appreciate that you would be anxious about your spouse/partner becoming aware of your intentions.

Our services in this area are tailored to achieve better outcomes for you

Specifically, we are able to provide you with practical advice in relation to the following:

  • what are the legal implications of separation to you and your children?
  • how can you practically address the arrangements for your children, particularly in the short term?
  • how can you best minimise any detrimental consequences of separation, particularly in so far as your children are concerned?
  • taking into account the facts and circumstances of your case, what are the potential terms of likely parenting arrangements which could be put in place for your children after your separation?
  • what is the range of financial support (both immediately and on a long-term basis) to which you and your children should seek from your spouse/partner?
  • what is range of the potential split of the property pool on a percentage basis?
  • how are major assets of the relationship held? (for example, are assets owned by trusts or companies?) Who has the control of such assets? (for example, who are the trustees of the relevant trusts? Who are the directors and shareholders of the relevant companies? ... )
  • how can your assets be best protected?
  • what are the rights of third parties who may have an interest in any business or property owned by yourself and your spouse/partner?

Of course, only preliminary advice that can be given by us in relation to the above issues and a comprehensive advice can only be provided to you after we take detailed instructions from you.

Queensland Law Society Accredited Family Law Specialist Michele Sheehan has assisted numerous clients since 1989 in advising them in relation to the above issues. Michele and her team would be happy to provide with your pre-separation advice.


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