Residential Conveyancing

Why engage Sheehan & Co to act on your behalf in the purchase or sale of residential property?

Sheehan & Co have acted for thousands of people in the purchase and sale of residential property throughout Queensland (but particularly in the Surat Basin). We have extensive knowledge and experience in providing our clients with smooth, hassle-free conveyances of property.

There are many reasons why you should engage Sheehan & Co in your next property purchase or sale. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • We provide clear advice in plain English to you so that you understand the conveyancing process and the important dates which need to be observed;
  • Our conveyancing paralegals are supervised by Paul Sheehan, Solicitor of 27 years experience in this area - Paul has addressed an expansive range of issues throughout his legal career and has up-to-date knowledge as to how to best address those issues;
  • Paul Sheehan or one of his team of solicitors answers your questions of a legal nature affecting your conveyance and will personally oversee the resolution of any issues arising during the course of the transaction;
  • We are transparent with our fees - fees are discussed upfront with you so that there are no surprises.
  • We are proud of the fact that we have contained our fees less than the level of fees which we were charging in 1987;
  • We are also proud of the fact that our service is fully accessible and we promptly answer all your phone calls and keep you informed progressively either by email, fax or post during the course of the transaction so that you are fully appraised;
  • Special Conditions: we pay particular attention to obtaining clear instructions from you in relation to any Special Conditions which have been agreed upon during negotiations. For example, the Special Conditions to be incorporated into the terms of the Contract may relate to providing for post-settlement occupation of the property by the Seller on certain terms (with or without payment of rent, as negotiated), pre-settlement access to the property by the Buyer to store goods, making provision for the Seller to attend to certain works or repairs to the dwelling prior to settlement; making the Contract conditional upon the sale of your other property if you are relying upon that sale to fund your purchase; making the Contract conditional upon settlement occurring contemporaneously (at the same time) with the sale of your other property if this is desired; making it clear what items are included and what items are excluded from the sale...).

Our services in this area are tailored to achieve better outcomes for you by:

  • Taking full and detailed initial instructions from you to ensure that the proposed Contract addresses all relevant issues;
  • We are experienced in drawing tailor made Special Conditions to suit the specific terms of agreement;
  • Paul Sheehan and his team of solicitors personally address any issues arising during the course of the transaction. We see this feature as being a point of difference from the "cut cost" conveyancers who are only interested in getting to point A to point B with minimal communication with their clients. We believe that the journey from point A to point B should be stress-free and there is value in providing quality service to you.

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Our office is centrally located within the Surat Basin and we are pleased to meet with clients in person, via telephone or home visit to discuss your legal needs in this area.


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