Advice on Rural Documents

Why engage Sheehan & Co to provide you advice in relation to your rural documents?

Paul Sheehan and his team provide practical legal advice to our rural clients in relation to the legal meaning and effect of rural documents and issues which can arise during the ordinary course of grazing/farming business.  This practical approach extends to the way we negotiate and prepare legal documents on behalf of our clients.  Our focus is to provide advice which is aimed at preventing problems from arising in the first place and expressing our advice in an easy-to-understand manner using plain English.

We listen to our clients and draw documents which are tailor-made to reflect our clients’ instructions and requirements.

We break down legal concepts and complex legal documents so that our clients have a clear understanding of the practical effect of the concepts and documents.

Our services in this area are tailor-made to achieve better outcomes for you

We are experienced in providing legal advice over a broad range of rural matters and documents such as:

  • Rural property transactions (sales and purchases)
  • Rural partnership agreements
  • Rural grazing leases
  • Rural farming leases
  • Licensing arrangements
  • Sharefarming agreements
  • Agistment agreements
  • Coal Seam Gas Conduct & Compensation Agreements
  • Water agreements 
  • Water bore schemes 
  • Access easements
  • Mortgage documents
  • Guarantee and indemnity documents
  • Bank documents (e.g. Priority Deeds, Right of Entry Deeds …).

Our policy is that precedent documents are used as guide only. Most if not all documents require amendment to meet your specific requirements. We listen to you, assess your specific circumstances and proceed to promptly and efficiently negotiate required amendments for you.  

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Our office is centrally located within the Surat Basin and we are pleased to meet with clients in person, via telephone or home visit to discuss your legal needs in this area.

Remember - it pays to get the right advice!