Powerlink Resumption & Compulsory Acquisition of Property

Why engage Sheehan & Co to act on your behalf in your negotiations with Powerlink in connection with a compulsory acquisition of part of your land under the Acquisition of Land Act 1967 (Qld)?

Paul Sheehan and his team has acted for numerous rural landowners in their compensation negotiations with Powerlink for grants of easement compulsorily acquired by Powerlink over their property under the Acquisition of Land Act 1967 (Qld).

We clearly advise you in relation to Powerlink's easement acquisition process. It is important to understand that the electricity transmission line easements grant to Powerlink a legal "right of way" over a portion of the landowner's land for the construction, operation and maintenance of transmission lines. However, the landowner retains 100% ownership of the land.  

We have developed a relationship with a number of registered property valuers having broad experience and insight in preparing a Compensation Assessment Report in respect of all heads of damage (including disturbance, loss of use, loss of general aesthetics...) claimable under the Act.

Our services in this area are tailored to achieve better outcomes for you by:

  • Obtaining full instructions from you in relation to any particular concerns you may have (for example, your future easement co-use rights; what activities you are permitted/not permitted to do within the easement area; whether there is a need to conduct further negotiations with Powerlink in relation to the location of the alignment of least overall impact to you as part of the Environmental Impact Statement; any concerns you may have in relation to Powerlink minimising impacts to your land in the future taking particular regard in relation to access and Powerlink's weed management protocol to control the spread and introduction of weeds on easements and access tracks...);
  • Engaging on your behalf an independent registered valuer selected by you;
  • Liaising with the valuer in relation to his/her Compensation Assessment Report;
  • Advising you and obtaining your instructions in relation to the value's Compensation Assessment Report;
  • Conducting compensation settlement negotiations with Powerlink and, if necessary, representing you at a "without prejudice" round table settlement conference with you and Powerlink's representatives;
  • Vetting and advising you in relation to the terms of any compensation agreement reached with Powerlink.

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